Sustainability: Climate Action Now

Bedford is a leader in sustainability, but we discover better ways to preserve our climate every day, and it is imperative that we act now.

Land use planning, green innovation policies, climate adaptation plans and education are some keys to taking our climate protection efforts to the next level. Bedford is small but mighty, and where we walk others follow. These changes have been found to save you tax dollars, and that’s important because, like you, I am a taxpayer in Bedford and know what it costs to live here.



Metro-North delivers people right to Bedford Hills. However, they drive away upon arrival. Empty storefronts and quick turnover discourage visitors and harm our existing businesses. The town, store owners and landlords must collaborate to incentivize businesses to set down roots.


Bedford Hills should be a destination, not a stop-over. We want new enterprises to come and stay. People lacking transportation will especially welcome these choice destinations: youth, immigrants, people with disabilities and seniors.


Economic development in Bedford Hills benefits the whole town, increasing the tax base and funding community initiatives, supporting upkeep to infrastructure, and keeping your taxes down.  


Your Issues: My Platform

When people ask, what are your platforms?, I tell them what I believe is important. I spend quality time talking to as many people as possible, because I have only one perspective. While empathetic to different viewpoints, I only discover what matters to you by listening. Recurring themes, make your issues my platform.

I will serve with integrity and accountability. Fiscal discipline is a high priority because I know we have some of the highest taxes in the country. While remaining fiscally responsible, I commit to maintaining the high level of services Bedford is known for.

Remember. This is YOUR town. I want to hear YOUR voice. And I am running to be YOUR representative. 


Affordable Housing: An Everywhere Problem

Bedford is horse country. Bedford is apartments. Bedford is mansions, condos and cottages. Bedford is seniors on fixed incomes. Bedford is CEOs, paramedics, stockbrokers, merchants, corrections officers, surgeons… Bedford is you and me.

The income inequality gap in Bedford is growing, so we are obligated to create and maintain more affordable living options so teachers, first responders, and lower-wage working families in Bedford can afford to live where they work. Seniors should be able to age in their town. People with disabilities need quality living space. Innovative ideas can produce affordable housing while preserving the character of our town. It’s not a Bedford problem. It’s a nationwide crisis.

dirt road.jpg

Town Planning: Health and Safety

Public entities collect taxes. The question is, how should we appropriate the money? Health and safety are my top priorities and tending to those takes many forms. The incoming sewer systems not only promote economic development but provide health benefits. Lighted crosswalks, maintained roads and other infrastructure improvements benefit everyone. These are the nuts and bolts of town management, and although far from riveting, I prioritize them because they keep us, the residents of Bedford, and our visitors, safe.